Wechat is one single place with massive and growing users.
Wechat requires a telephone number in order to sign up for a personal account. This makes Wechat the strictest and real social media platform in China.
Target audience
Ability to reach target customers based on demographic information such as gender and location etc.
In Wechat, companies can get complete solution including content creation, press media, social relationship, campaign, official payment and even CRM etc for branding and sales.
Offline to online
QR code, shake and Wifi with LBS has been widely accepted in China with Wechat, and it enables companies to 1) drive and track offline foorfall 2) collect offline audience to online for further actions (CRM, campaigns) 3) encourage attendance at event/location.
For domestic companies in China,
Wechat marketing has been the most important practice for mobile marketing as follows:
Our Services
Standard services
LetWechat itself ( is the platform that provides content creation tools (Wecaht editor\H5\coupon page\campaign page etc.), media resource (Wechat KOLs) for advertisement and online to offline service with standard online task process. Basically Chinese advertisers can make content, choose proper KOLs for the advertisement and make payment online by themselves. But the UI is in Chinese and it might be difficult for foreigners to go through the task. We can operate the task on behalf of them with small extra service fees (50CNY/advertisement task).
Personalization services
Services Content Service fees Why needed Note


Wechat public account

Account registration and verification for the 1st year. Official Wechat payment account for service account can be applied if needed. 250+USD/accont It is not the must-be to start Wechat marketing with public account, unless you have skills and resource to run Wemedia subscription account or service account with advanced functions such as own payment account to receive money or CRM etc. Documents (Chinese domestic enterprise license, trademarks etc.) need to be provided for the application and verification by customers. In case documents (say no branch company registered in China at all) can't be provided, domestic company registration may be considered with extra cost.


Folios design&creation with Html5

Minimum 5 pages creation 250+USD (50+ USD/page) It is interactive story-telling page that is easy to share and well accepted in Wechat. Hard-core advertisements are not welcome in social network, fun\beautiful\interactive content is the tea! LetWechat H5 folios (SHOW SCENCE) provide easy-to-USE drag & drop editing tool with tons of templates (Demo), and no coding needed. Customers can use it for free, or delegate to us with service fees.


Wechat advertisement

LetWechat platform account registration, Wemedia subscription accounts selection, task assignment and track, results feedbacks. 1 USD/100 exposures (It is charged based on the amount of posts. Each post with different Wemedia accounts result in different amounts of exposrues. The platform provides history exposure data of each Wemedia subscription account for selections ) If you want to be on the high way to hell, do you need to build up the high way by yourself? There are over 3 million Wemedia subscription accounts with billions of wechat followers and have great influence. Many of them are actually KOLs or press medias. LetWechat platform has cooperated with tens of thousands of Wemedia accounts, and taged with location, topic and price etc. for precise advertisements. How much it would totally cost also depends on how many exposures you aim to and what kind of Wemedia accounts you select for the post. The conversion rate varies as it depends on many other variables such as product attractiveness, landing page design, and price etc. LetWechat platform provide self-service process to assign tasks to Wemedia accounts In case you don't know Chinese, we could make assignments on behalf of you. As for Chinese articles, we can write for you with cost of 200+USD/article (within 800 words). You can also write by yourself and we actually suggest to do so as you know your product best!


To acquire followers for Wechat public account

To select proper Wifi locations for target consumers, and promote them to follow designated Wechat public account. The final feedback report would be provided. 400-2000USD (0.2-1 USD/followers depending on locations, minimum 2000 followers.) Some wifi locations such as airport or high speed railway are featured with higher net worth people, they cost more. Few Wechat subscription accounts could have great amount of followers as there is no easy channel to attract real followers, except those charming KOL stars or press medias that are minority. Wechat Wifi is the easy and fast new way though. There are great chances to convert to real sales with online shop, campaigns or contents when public account pushes content to its followers. The amount of followers coming from wifi points could be tracked from official Wechat public account platform, and differentiated from other channels that contribute followers.The estimated project periods would be provided before the kick off.


Online shop & menu setup

Shop registration and basic setup with free 3rd party tools (e.g. youzan or weidian etc.) 300+USD (maximum 5 products listed, 30USD/product with extra product) If you want to sell product to Chinese Wechat users, the localized mobile online shop website or landing page for purchase is the must be! Oversea online shop is not gonna be working for most of Chinese consumers due to barriers of language and internet latency. To have your own online shop, usually you need to get Wechat payment ready to receive money, and the verified public account is essential to apply for official Wechat payment account.
The general process of cooperation for personalization service
Method of payment
Bank payment

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